Hello World, and welcome to my blog.

For those who don't know me---which is probably most of you---I am a program manager for the SQL Server engine, particularly for various aspects of engine programmability. I plan to keep this space as on-topic as possible, focusing mainly on SQL Server, and straying only so far as to touch on technology-related topics in general. If you want to read about my favorite animal (elephant), my commute (stupid homicidal car), or my latest trip to the dentist (shudder), you'll have to look elsewhere.

Over the past few months I've posted a few times to the SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration blog. I will continue to post there (and link here) anything related to CLR integration, but I will use this space to cover anything that does not fit in that pidgeon hole.

If you want to contact me, please use the contact link at the top of the page. Fear not: it will route directly to my inbox. The link does protect my email address from the Evil Spambots. If you happen to be an Evil Spambot, please just go away.

Isaac K. Kunen, Microsoft SQL Server

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