StreamInsight 2012 on Academy Live

Hi Folks, As part of the SQL Server 2012 launch, I’ve contributed a presentation on StreamInsight 2.0, which is available either on TechNet or the Microsoft Virtual Academy. You can get the code associated with the video here code. Enjoy!-Isaac


Map Projections

Cute! Although I’m guessing that people who really are into maps have a slightly higher view of Mercator than he implies. Cheers, -Isaac


PASS Wrap-Up

Hi Folks, I just wrapped up my talk the 2011 PASS Summit. Here are a few quick thoughts: StreamInsight seems like a technology that could benefit a large number of customers, for a large number of scenarios. But relatively few people even know what SI can do. So although the title of my talks was,…


Alastair on Spatiotemporal with StreamInsight

Alastair Aitchison has started a series on doing spatiotemporal analysis using StreamInsight and the SQL Server spatial library over on his blog. I’ll certainly be watching how he makes out. To answer one question he asks in his post: StreamInsight doesn’t require SQL Server Compact, but if you use it for you use it for…


Introducing Checkpointing in StreamInsight 1.2

Hi Folks, As I mentioned some a few posts ago, I recently made a move to the StreamInsight team. Well, we’ve just released the new version, StreamInsight 1.2, so it’s time to start talking about what we’ve been up to. One of the big features in the new version is resiliency, which helps you build…


Collation Hell

Hi Folks, I’m going to pick up from last time and discuss another major problem with moving databases from one place to another: collations. Some people will have never run into collation issues because they have a consistent collation across all of their environments: they have the same collation on all of their instances, and…


The Database Shuffle

Hi Folks, As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently moved from my old home in the SQL Server engine to the StreamInsight team. As I continue to ramp up here, I want to take a few posts to talk about what I was working on back in the engine: the contained database. To…


It’s Alive!

Hi Folks, Many years ago I kicked up this blog. It started with a trickle of general posts on SQL Server programmability topics. As our spatial support took off, it was quickly consumed by spatial-related posts. And then it languished… …and now its back. Let me quickly explain via a quick Q&A with myself: Where…


Filter: One Odd Duck

Hi Folks, Over at his blog, Nicklas Avéns questions the behavior of Filter. He’s right: Filter is a little odd. It is also very much by design. Before we look at filter, let’s review the data flow for a typical spatial query. A spatial selection generally has two internal components: a primary filter, which is designed to be…


Spatial Data Type Structure

Hi Folks, As part of a larger effort to document our protocols, SQL Server has just released documentation on the structure of our spatial types.  The document is also available in PDF.  Note that all of this is preliminary, and while I doubt it will change much, it could.  I had very little to do…