IronPython and IronRuby Resources

The Dynamic Language Runtime powers IronPython and IronRuby. It contains the following features:

  • Hosting APIs - allows embedding of any DLR language as a scripting language inside of a host application
  • Extensions to LINQ ExpressionTree - allows language compilers to generate higher level constructs instead of MSIL
  • DynamicSite - call-site caching to speed up the performance of dynamic languages
  • ActionBinder - utility code to facilitate .NET interop
  • IDynamicObject - interface for dynamic objects
  • Other compiler utility code

Mailing lists

You can currently ask questions on the IronPython (link) and IronRuby (link) mailing lists. There is currently no dedicated DLR mailing list. Similarly, the sources for the DLR are bundled with the IronPython and IronRuby sources.

Specs, whitepapers,etc - MSDN article on IronPython and DLR by Bill Chiles. It talks about DynamicSite and ExpressionTrees - Hosting API spec - Recordings of Lang.Net talks

Team Blogs - IronPython team blog - Dino Viehland, IronPython dev - Jimmy Schementi, IronRuby PM - Dave Fugate, IronPython QA - Jim Deville, IronRuby QA - Tomas Matousek, IronRuby dev - Shri Borde, Dynamic Languages lead 

David DiCato, IronPython dev

DLR languages - IronPython - IronRuby - IronScheme - IronLisp - Nua (Lua)

Other links - DLR for Silverlight 2 - A walk-through of implementing a sample language MyJScript on top of the DLR. - Using DLR languages in the Script tag in a HTML page - A getting-started guide about implementing a new language using the DLR - Script XAML with DLR languages - Use DLR languages with CGI

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  1. I've got a number of emails complaining that folks haven't heard much from the DLR (Dynamic Language

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    I’ve got a number of emails complaining that folks haven’t heard much from the DLR (Dynamic Language

  3. (Photo: James Dumay) Thanks to all for questions, and attending on Thursday night. Big ups to the Googlers

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