IronPython Sample: Slide Local Puzzle

This sample written by Ravi Chugh is an IronPython program that builds on top of System.Windows.Forms to create a fun slide puzzle game using maps.  The readme.htm file in the download (download page: will get you started.  The puzzle game comes with several maps (games) that you can start with.  If you want more challenging maps, Slide Local gives you the ability to choose or create your own map to play with.

The map tiles the program uses are pulled from Virtual Earth tile servers using the System.Net APIs.  If the caching option is selected, all downloaded map tiles are saved to the file system, allowing tiles to be rendered much faster the second time around.  Enabling caching also allows you to continue to play games when you don’t have a network connection.  Keep an eye on the size of the cache folder though since there is no size limit.

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