IronPython and IronRuby Resources

The Dynamic Language Runtime powers IronPython and IronRuby. It contains the following features: Hosting APIs – allows embedding of any DLR language as a scripting language inside of a host application Extensions to LINQ ExpressionTree – allows language compilers to generate higher level constructs instead of MSIL DynamicSite – call-site caching to speed up the…


IronPython, IronRuby and F# openings in dev, test, and PM!

We are bumping up our investment in these exciting new languages, and have openings for dev, test, and PM positions. Here are the job descriptions:    Dev IronPython: IronRuby:  F#: VS integration:   Test (contact YAlvi at for more information) IronRuby: F#:   PM (contact MaheshP at…


Videos of the talks/demos from Teched2007 in Orlando

Here they are:   1.      Dev315 – IronPython and Dynamic Languages on .NET a.      mms:// 2.      Web324 – Dynamic Languages on the Web a.      mms://   thanks,Mahesh


Pointers for some of the TechEd demos

At TechEd, I (MaheshP@Microsoft.Com) said we’ll make the demos available on our blog. Here they are:   Robotics Studio demos: Overall blog is at:   Demo’s showing IPy usage:  Powershell demo (tho I did not get to this):   Is available/working with 1.x IronPython at:   ASP.NET control for client script: · the…

Demos from TechEd2007

I’ll be posting the samples from TechEd 2007 later this week and wanted to let you know that this is still on my mind (tho it has slipped from EOD Monday) 🙂 Mahesh

Our talks at Teched 2007 (June 4-8th) in Orlando

We have three very exciting talks (below) at TechEd 2007 in Orlando. In addition we are dynamic languages booth that will have folks from the team that can demo/answer questions you may have. Join us at TechEd! WEB06-TLC – Developing Data Driven Applications Using the New Dynamic Data Controls in ASP.NET     Tuesday, June 5…


Work-around for issue caused by Visual Studio 2005 SP1 upgrade

We’ve discovered one issue caused by VS SP1 installation recently. After having upgraded to SP1, IronPython disappeared from language dropdown when trying to create a new web project. The issue is due to a registry key for IronPython under NewProjectTemplate was removed by VS SP setup. Adding it back fixes the problem. To do that,…

Upcoming IronPython Talks

There are few upcoming talks that I’d like to announce: First, at the ASP.Net Connections in Vegas, David Ebbo is giving a talk that’ll be worth attending and will cover how to use IronPython in ASP.Net applications. AMS301: Developing ASP.NET Web Applications with IronPython David EbboIronPython is a new fast implementation of the Python programming language running…

IronPython Sample: Direct3D

This sample, written by Lee Culver, provides a step-by-step, comprehensive tutorial on creating graphical applications using managed DirectX API(s) from IronPython. It will teach you how to: Load and render DirectX meshes Position, rotate, and move objects Auto-track objects with cameras The readme.htm in the download (download page: is quintessential to understanding this sample….

IronPython Sample: Pyc

This sample shows developers how to create .NET executables directly out of IronPython scripts. The readme.htm in the download (download page: will get you started.IronPython’s Hosting APIs can be used to compile Python scripts into DLLs, console executables, or Windows executables. The script included in this tutorial leverages these hosting APIs and can…