SYSK 383: FileSync Tool

Last weekend I wrote a utility that does file synchronization (yes, I know there many such tools), but where I can define in advance what I want to see happen if there are discrepancies, e.g.:

FileSync Tool

If you think you might benefit from it, attached is the source code and the executable (in the bin\debug folder). 

Note: very limited testing was done thus far...  If you find bugs, feel free to post them here, with or without a resolution.

Comments (2)

  1. St4rScr34am says:

    Hello Irena,

    Thanks for sharing sucha  great sample. The file is corrupt, though… There are errors when one tries to extract the contents of the archive.

  2. irenake says:

    [reply to  St4rScr34am]

    Thanks for letting me know.  Compressed again and republished on 4/17/2011.

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