SYSK 379: Visual Studio 2010 Add-In for Managing Configuration Files Across Environments

This is an update to The provided code is upgraded for Visual Studio 2010, and also now supports nested projects (e.g. a project that is a container for other projects).

To deploy, copy ConfigAddIn.AddIn to C:\Users\YourLoginName\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Addins folder.   Open it in a text editor, and update the path to where you put ConfigAddIn.dll and ConfigAddIn.dll.config files.   Change TargetEnvironments setting in ConfigAddIn.dll.config to your desired environment names:

            <setting name="TargetEnvironments" serializeAs="String">


 [Aug 30, 2010] - Fixed a bug (config file had older version for System.dll assembly).  Updated source posted.

ConfigAddIn 2010 Source and

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