SYSK 357: SQL Server Login Problem on Fresh Installation in Vista

I just installed SQL Server 2008 CTP (Katmai) and all the patches on my Vista laptop…  However, trying to login using SQL Management Studio or osql using integrated security (and, yes, I’m an admin on my box) results in the “login failed” error. To resolve the problem, I had to turn off the “User Control Account”…


SYSK 356: How To Execute A Workflow Synchronously Without waitHandle.WaitOne()

Consider the following code snippet frequently found in sample applications, code snippets and published articles:   using (WorkflowRuntime wr = new WorkflowRuntime(“WorkflowRuntimeConfig”)) {     wr.StartRuntime();       using (System.Threading.AutoResetEvent waitHandle = new System.Threading.AutoResetEvent(false))     {         wr.WorkflowCompleted += delegate(object s, WorkflowCompletedEventArgs args) { waitHandle.Set(); };         wr.WorkflowTerminated += delegate(object s, WorkflowTerminatedEventArgs args)         {            …


SYSK 355: Design and Coding Guidelines for Better User Interfaces

If you’re developing the front end, the user tier of applications, you may be interested in the following 81 rules for better user interfaces published by SSW —     Special thanks to Ashraf Khader for bringing this to my attention!    


Non-Tech: Looking for a precious jewelry gift for yourself or your significant other? I recommend

Not all my SYSK (something you should know) posts are software development technology related, but I rarely blog on non-SYSK topics. This one is an exception and here is why… I decided to write about my experience with because, unfortunately, there are too many companies doing business over the internet that are not trustworthy…


SYSK 353: What’s New in "Orcas" (next version of Visual Studio)

This is first in the series of small posts about new features in Orcas…   1.    Orcas can be installed and will run side-by-side with Visual Studio 2005 (even with the beta 1 release currently available) 2.    You can use Orcas to create projects (i.e. target) using different versions of .NET framework starting with 2.0. 3.   …


:) A book with no words for $95.00?

The Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” calendar of 2007 states, and I quote:   Elbert Hubbard’s book “An Essay On Silence” contains no words!   The book is available from Amazon marketplace:   I’d like to know if Ripley’s claim is true, but not for 95 dollars…   Can anybody confirm/deny that assertion?  …


SYSK 352: Windows Workflow Foundation Runtime Footprint

After seeing presentations that assert that “Workflow runtime is lightweight” and not finding any concrete numbers to support that claim I decided to do some of my own profiling.   Here is what I’ve done, measuring memory utilization after every step (the displayed results are the difference, in bytes, of current memory consumption minus one…


:) New Year’s Day in March?

Did you know that in England and America, the New Year’s Day prior to September 1752 was celebrated on March 25th?   Source: Ripley’s Believe It or Not Calendar 2007.    

SYSK 351: "Agile Development: Fact or Fiction" by Matthew Hotle

While this article is not new (was published in October 2006), and you can purchase it from, I thought it might be of value to quote (and paraphrase) a few key points:   1.    “In most successful agile efforts, business staff … constitute between 10% and 25% of the [total project] staff” 2.    In…