SYSK 364: AJAX Extensions 1.0 Source Code and Debug Symbols

Did you know that AJAX Extensions source code and debugging symbols are available to everybody at    


SYSK 363: ‘Software is not made of bricks’ by Ragan Wald

I recently came across this gem — strongly recommended!   Here are the section titles to whet your appetite:   ·         Software is not made of bricks ·         Assumption: it’s all about moving bricks ·         Software is more complicated than bricks ·         Determine the baseline competence required for a project and don’t violate it…


SYSK 362: The cost of try/catch

Since I’m still coming across a lot of conflicting recommendations on the “best practices for structure exception handling” (including those coming from different folks from Microsoft), I decided to write a blog post on the topic.    So, what are the benefits and costs with SEH?   Let me first address the cost of adding…