SYSK 350: How Much Electricity Does Your Computer Actually Consume?

There is a nice device called Kill A Watt™ which plugs into the wall outlet or power strip, and  then you plug in the device you want to test (be it your computer, a light lamp, or any other appliance) and it will tell you how many amps or watts  the device is drawing.


Check it out at or search for “kill a watt” using your favorite search engine.


Special thanks to Richard Carpenter who brought this to my attention!




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  1. Marco says:

    I am really shocked:

    Sorry to say that but in issue of ecology and the wasting world wide resources of this planet, Americans must really live behind the times.

    I’m from Germany and everyone I know, no overstatement, here has such a electric power consumption meter.

    Of course that is also because electric power is very expensive here. 1 kilowatt costs _at least_ 0.24369$. What did you pay in the US?

    I also don’t know for what kind of electric power you pay in the US, here in Germany we pay for the "Real power(W)" not for the volt-amperes (VA). Many people think that is the same and also many of the measure meters showing VA as W and are unable to measure the real power consumption of a device.


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