SYSK 349: What’s New in SQL 2008 (code named Katmai)?

Here are some of the new and improved features (extracted from David Campbell’s presentation) that will be available in SQL 2008:

      Transparent data encryption

      External key management

      Data auditing

      Pluggable CPU

      Transparent failover for data mirroring

      Declarative management framework

      Server group management

      Streamlined installation

      Enterprise system management

      Performance data collection

      System analysis

      Data compression

      Query optimization modes

      Resource governor

      Entity data model


      Visual entity designer

      Entity aware adapters

      SQL Server change tracking

      Synchronized programming model

      Visual studio support

      SQL Server conflict detection

      FILESTREAM data type

      Integrated full text search

      Sparse columns

      Large (> 1 page) user defined types

      Data/time data type

      LOCATION data type

      SPACIAL data type

      Virtual Earth integration

      Partitioned table parallelism

      Query optimizations

      Persistent lookups

      Change data capture

      Backup compression

      MERGE SQL statement

      Data profiling

      Star join

      Enterprise reporting engine

      Internet report deployment

      Block computations

      Scale out analysis

      BI platform management

      Export to Word and Excel

      Author reports in Word and Excel

      Report Builder enhancements


      Rich formatted data

      Personalized perspectives

      … and many more



You can hear David’s webcast, and learning more about what those feature actually bring, visit


or search by event id 1032341072 at



If you’re short on time, you may choose to skip the first 18 minutes containing introduction, a bit of data processing history and the new scenario-based rather than feature-based product development.


Here are some main time points:


00:00 – 18:00

Intro, history

18:00 – 23:30

New & improved features related to the secure, trusted platform, policy-based management, and optimized and predictable performance scenarios

23:30 – 28:15

Demo of declarative management

28:15 – 40:40

Features related to entity based development, storing content of any type, and SQL Server support for location-aware data

40:40 – 46:30

Demo of application & SQL Server integration with Virtual Earth

46:30 – 54:25

Data-warehouse and BI related features

54:25 – 58:20

Demo that did not work, but restarted at 59:05

59:05 – 1:05:00

Demo on how Dundas charts (will be part of SQL 2008) could improve your SSRS reports



In case you did not attend TechEd 2007, many presentations from that conference are now available as webcasts on



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