Back June 18th


Thanks to all of you who read my blog posts, and especially those who take the time to submit your feedback!  That is what keeps me going in dedicating 10-20 hours per week of my personal time on this blog... 

I have decided to take some time off, so I won't be writing any posts until June 18th.

Best regards,



Comments (4)

  1. LiQ says:

    Oh Irena, you really deserve the time off.

    You are one out of three or four blogs that makes me start FF/IE7 daily with excitement.

    Rest yourself and come back and give us some good writings (or even better (if possible ;))).

    Have a good time off.

  2. Well deserved! It’s only when you start trying to write technical blog posts that you realise how long they take. I’ve always been amazed how you always manage to write something useful – it is much appreciated. Enjoy all the extra free time.

  3. nick says:

    Have a luck and wish you come back soon 😉

  4. Patrick says:


    Happy vacation!  Well deserved!

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