:) What is the meaning of the word ‘wuthering’?

Wuthering means blustery and turbulent, and often describes the fierce, noisy winds that blow across the moors.  This word was used in northern England, where the novel by Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights was set.


Source:  The 365 Amazing Trivia Facts 2007 Calendar



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  1. Hugo Cuadra MD says:

    Amazing!! I searched in different dictionaries, including the Oxford Shorter (2Vol.editions)with no results. I decided to "google", and Bingo!!

    Thanks a lot Irena.


  2. Carolyn says:

    I too searched my dictionaries for the meaning of the word ‘wuthering’ (which was the anagram puzzle in the Herald) to no avail.

    Thank you google. You never let me down! C.

  3. Pauline says:

    I understood the meaning after reading the book "Wuthering Heights" but wanted a definition from the dictionary which I did not find.

    Thank yo

  4. saranya says:

    wuthering heights was simply superb and google helped me 2 know the meaning!

  5. kriti says:

    I am reading the book at school and it is brilliant

    I love it.age 7

  6. Varsha says:

    Amazing!! Thanks a lot for the help!! searched the meaning in dictionaries including oxford but couldn't get the meaning so i googled!! Thanks a lot!

  7. shajil says:

    thnk google,as everyone commented i too went for searching the dictionaries including oxford.thnx a lot

  8. age 25 says:

    .same case and same feedback.

  9. Shashan says:

    Thank you ! I'm about to read the book Wuthering heights, And I thought that I may need to know about the title ! Thanks again 🙂

  10. EMILY says:

    Good for you to post it I have been searching for it for more than a week in all the dictionaries at last I got it on Google THANK YOU GOOGLE AND THANK YOU INRENA

  11. ira says:

    thanks you so much.. found the meaning nowhere..

  12. Laura and Frank says:

    Couldn't find it in Oxford either. Introduced to the word via Genesis' 1976 Album 'Wind and Wuthering' – a true masterpiece!

  13. Nemisis Goosehabit says:

    Spent an hour looking through various dictionaries including  Websters and Oxford,all to no avail.

    Thank you "Google".

  14. cvsrao says:

    thanks a lot for the meaning of the word wuthering.

  15. Lena says:

    I like how easy we find meaning of  words  on google. 🙂

  16. mostafa says:

    Many thanks to google for what it is…

  17. shreya says:

    I have found the meaning of Wuthering in meriam webster dictionary bt I thought wuthering height together can be meant to something different

    But many ppl have said it was hard fr dm to find the meaning it's quite strange

  18. ayu aribowo says:

    thankyou so much, google, for interpreting it so clearly…

  19. Ranne says:

    Now I know what really the definition of wuthering is, thanks that I found it

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