:) Same Word, Same Language, Different Countries => Different Meaning

Q:  In England, what’s the difference between a vest and a waistcoat?


A:  An English vest is what Americans call an undershirt; a waistcoat is what Americans call a vest.


And I thought ‘football’ is the only word with different meaning in US and other countries?  J


Source:  2007 Calendar ‘The 365 Amazing Trivia Facts’



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  1. On my first trip to the States (from England) I was writing something in pencil and made a mistake. So I asked a friend, right in front of her boyfriend, if she had a rubber I could use…

  2. Ian Horwill says:

    Some car-related terms are different:

    US        UK

    Hood      Bonnet

    Trunk     Boot

    Pavement  Road

    Footpath? Pavement

  3. Ian Horwill says:


    US        UK

    Sidewalk  Pavement

  4. russell says:

    Try asking an English man if he wears suspenders!  🙂

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