SYSK 319: How to Get an Advanced Warning Before You Click on a Link that Navigates to a Malicious Web Site For Free

Recently, I have learned about a product called LinkScanner from Exploit Prevention Labs.  You can use it in two ways to be advised in advance (i.e. before you click on a link) if the site you’re about to visit is known for having exploits, hacked pages, phishing and fraud scams or is otherwise a malicious site:

  1. LinkScanner integrates with modern browsers (Internet Explore, Firefox, Opera) and inspects each search result as it is returned by the search engine. It then adds one of four color-coded icons next to each result, so you know if the link is safe to click on.

  2. You can also use the Quick Scan tab in the LinkScanner Console to check a specific URL.


Check it out at:


For a side-by-side comparison of the free version (LinkScanner Lite) and the paid version (LinkScanner Pro) go to



Comments (2)

  1. Pat Bitton says:

    Thanks for the nice comments about LinkScanner! May we publish them on our website, with a link back to here?

    Pat Bitton

    Exploit Prevention Labs

  2. irenake says:

    Sure, that’ll be fine.  

    I’ve been using your free version of the product for the last week or so, and, so far, I’ve been very satisfied.

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