SYSK 314: How Secure Is Windows?

Well, judge for yourself…  I have charted the data from the article written by Andy Partizio, “Surprise, Microsoft Listed as Most Secure OS” referencing the period of July 1st and December 31st:


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  1. KnightWatch says:

    >>During this period, 39 vulnerabilities, 12 of which were ranked high priority or severe, were found in Microsoft Windows

    >>The one bright spot in all of this is that of the 208 Red Hat vulnerabilities, the most of the top five operating systems, only two were considered high severity, 130 were medium severity, and 76 were considered low

    The high priority vulnerabilities of the OS is what matters.

    And if you actually read the reports:

    "Zero-day vulnerabilities represent a serious threat in many cases because there is no patch available for

    them and because they will likely be able to evade purely signature-based detection. "

    "The second half of 2006 saw a large number of high-profile zero-day vulnerabilities. This activity peaked

    in September of 2006, when four zero-day vulnerabilities were made known. The majority of these were

    client-side vulnerabilities that affected Office applications, Internet Explorer, and ActiveX controls."

    Try again …

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