:) What Arctic animal has two fur coats?

Answer:  The stoat is a type of weasel whose camouflage varies with the seasons.  In summer, its brown fur blends in with the rocky landscape.  In autumn, it sheds its summer fur, and grows a new, thick coat of pure-white hairs.  In its winter coat, the stoat is called an ermine.  




Source:  Questions & Answers about the Natural World


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  1. estera says:

    Interesting fact…  And the pictures make it crystal clear 🙂  Thanks.

  2. buzr says:

    was traveling in western va.. the first part of aug. saw a white weasel like animal that crossed the road in front of me at the crest of  a mountain. was white, looked like the pic of an ermine, was long tailed, and looked solid white, this is late for an ermine. any ideas

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