:) What Is the First Musical Instrument Played Without Being Touched?

The answer is – theremin.  Invented by Russian Léon Theremin in 1919, it consists of two radio frequency oscillators and two metal loop antennas. The electric signals from the theremin are amplified and sent to a loudspeaker.


The theremin is widely associated with "alien" or surreal sounds, and has been used in films like Spellbound, The Lost Weekend, and The Day the Earth Stood Still, to name a few.


The following 2 minute recording from a radio interview by Robert Moog, describes how theremin works: http://www.theremin.info/download-file-37.html.


Also, check out the following images of musicians playing a theremin (a.k.a. theremin pilots):





Finally, listen to a few short samples of music played on a theremin:


For more information on this fascinating instrument, check out the following sites:






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