Knowledge is Power: How Much Should You be Making?

Damon Darlin’s article published earlier this month in Union Tribune, a San Diego local newspaper, compared employees entering salary negations as holding “pea shooters while the boss in encased in a Kevlar vest”. 


Many employers purchase compensation data from companies that specialize in collecting and providing such information, but same companies will not do any business with individuals.  As in any negotiation, your ability to negotiate a fair compensation highly depends on the information you possess…


So, if you are looking for a job, if you think you’re underpaid or just want to compare your compensation to that of others with similar job responsibilities and background, check out the following sites:  This site obtains information from surveys of human resource departments.  This site gets information from people using the site, so, be prepared to spend 5 minutes or so giving up information about your own job and your pay before you get any salary information to compare to…  This site gets information from publically available job listings.



Also, visit the following helpful site:



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  1. Shelly says:

    wow – didn’t know there were so many resources out there.  might want to add as well

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