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Welcome to the "AppDev: Something You Should Know" blog

SYSK (Something You Should Know) 1: What is a Digital Locker

SYSK 2: A word on versions – deployment, assembly, file…

SYSK 3: Resumable file downloads

SYSK 4: Why are the read only-cursors (i.e. "firehose cursors") faster than server side cursors?

SYSK 5: Do you have rootkits?

SYSK 6: Summary of agile methodologies

SYSK 7: Tool Time – .NET Reflector

SYSK 8: .NET Generics = C++ Templates?

SYSK 9: Multiple column searches with one WHERE clause?

SYSK 10: Automating nightly builds

SYSK 11: Is now the time for Binary XML?

SYSK 12: Office 12 chooses Open XML

SYSK 13: Cool Products: Wi-Fi Finders

SYSK 14: The easiest way to sign your assembly

SYSK 15: Show me the … Open Windows!

SYSK 16: How StringBuilder works, or on the importance of StringBuilder initialization

SYSK 17: Do you C++?

SYSK 18: CLR “discrimination” of large objects

SYSK 19: Confused about Forward and Backward Compatibility? Then read this...

SYSK 20: Testing UserControls without writing a line of code

SYSK 21: How slow is invoking properties via reflection?

SYSK 22: Detecting a Change in Network Connectivity

SYSK 23: DropDownList with ToolTip that Automatically Shows Up as You Mouse-Over the Items in the Dropped Down List

SYSK 24: ?? operator. Is it new to you?

SYSK 25: What happened to ObjectSpaces (object-relational mapping technology), and what is it, anyway?

SYSK 26: Want to see DataGrid-like view of the contents of your DataSets right from within the debugger?

SYSK 27: What you need to know about referenced assemblies in VS2005

SYSK 28: Do you know about ‘Anonymous Methods’? If not, read on…

SYSK 29: The Power of Ctrl+Shift+N

SYSK 30: Differences between SET and SELECT in SQL Server

SYSK 31: Wondering what is vhost.exe, and why you need it? Then read on…

SYSK 32: Should you use temp tables or table variables in SQL?

SYSK 33: New kind of “friend” -- assembly:InternalsVisibleTo

SYSK 34: Tool Time – Spellchecker for Visual Studio

SYSK 35: Performance comparison of WITH and TABLE variable queries

SYSK 36: The Cost of SQL EndPoints

SYSK 37: 5 minute video on Windows Vista

SYSK 38: Visual Studio 2005 Code Snippets

SYSK 39: ASP ViewState Stored as SessionState

SYSK 40: Beyond E-Mail – E12 promises to be one of the most impressive upgrades to Exchange that Microsoft has ever released

SYSK 41: “The Curse and Blessings of Dynamic SQL” by Erland Sommarskog

SYSK 42: A must-read article on BackgroundWorker class

SYSK 43: What’s New in IIS 7?

SYSK 44: ASP.NET 2.0 Website Administration Tool

SYSK 45: Is RSS Just a Fad?

SYSK 46: New in SQL 2005 -- Snapshot Isolation

SYSK 47: OLEDB deja vu? A look into LINQ.

SYSK 48: Why is Microsoft Recommending WebServices as the Best Path to WCF upgrade?

SYSK 49: Have You Heard about BitLocker™ Drive Encryption?

SYSK 50: Beyond Vista…

SYSK 51: Ten Essential Tools for VS Developers

SYSK 52: Looking for NDOC that Works with .NET 2.0?

SYSK 53: To Close() or to Dispose()? That is the question…

SYSK 54: The New Way to Deal with Apostrophes in SQL

SYSK 55: Rotate SQL table without any INNER JOIN (narrow to wide table without PIVOT)

SYSK 56: A Word on Frameworks (from the lighten up series)

SYSK 57: Handy Undocumented Stored Procs

SYSK 58: Making Code Line Length Conformance Easy in VS

SYSK 59: How to Stay Young

SYSK 60: How Does SqlBulkCopy Deal with Duplicate Records?

SYSK 61: Creating Temporary (not persisted, a.k.a. in-memory) Projects in VS 2005

SYSK 62: Jim Allchin's view of what Vista will offer the enterprise

SYSK 63: Vista’s Speech Capabilities

SYSK 64: Notes from “Windows Presentation Foundation Under the Hood” talk

SYSK 65: Change to Full Trust Definition in .NET 2.0

SYSK 66: .NET 1.1 and 2.0 Handles ASCII Encoding Differently?

SYSK 67: SQL – Who is Connected and What are They Running?

SYSK 68: Choosing Between T-SQL and .NET Stored Procs

SYSK 69: Visual Studio – Controlling Which Files Are Saved At Build Time

SYSK 70: Where Does the Expression “You’re Fired” Come From?

SYSK 71: Dataset Footprint in Memory vs. Remoting Size

SYSK 72: Fast Comparison of Dates

SYSK 73: On the Importance of allowExeDefinition Attribute

SYSK 74: Are You Using SecureString Class?

SYSK 75: Do You Use Your Computer From Public Places? If Yes, Read This...

SYSK 76: When Should You Call AddMemoryPressure?

SYSK 77: The Difference Between Microsoft.Security.Application.AntiXSSLibrary.HtmlEncode and System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlEncode

SYSK 78: Avoiding Infinite Loops Due to Error Handling Retries

SYSK 79: Good SQL Interview Question -- What is the Left Anti Semi Join?

SYSK 80: Keyboard Shortcuts to Comment/Uncomment Code in SQL Server Management Studio and in Visual Studio 2005

SYSK 81: How compression works

SYSK 82: Compression Example in .NET

SYSK 83: On the Importance of Calling TrimToSize

SYSK 84: Where Do GAC Assemblies Live?

SYSK 85: What are the key features of TFS (Team Foundation Server)?

SYSK 86: .NET Reflector Revisited

SYSK 87: A Better MaskedTextBox For Currency Fields

SYSK 88: How to Avoid Hardcoding Stored Procedure Names

SYSK 89: Hashing Explained...

SYSK 90: SQL: What Is a Hash Join and When Should You Use It?

SYSK 91: Cool Trick -- Move an Entire Paragraph with a Key Stroke

SYSK 92: How to Clear or Remove Certain Items from “Recent Projects” List in Visual Studio

SYSK 93: SQL 2005 – How to Script Database One Object per File

SYSK 94: as, is, where keywords in C#

SYSK 95: Expand Your Horizon – Learn About NUMA

SYSK 96: Macros to Expand and Collapse Regions in VS.NET

SYSK 97: The Power of Environmental Variables

SYSK 98: Digging Deeper Into GetHashCode

SYSK 98: Digging Deeper Into GetHashCode

SYSK 100: Can You Define What Is Web 2.0?

SYSK 101: How to Release Build an ASP.NET application

SYSK 102: Unexpected Behavior in Generics

SYSK 103: WriteFile or TransmitFile?

SYSK 104: Great Tool for ASP.NET developers

SYSK 105: Switching Between Running ASP.NET Project Under IIS and Personal Web Server

SYSK 106: The Cost of Using WindowsPrincipal

SYSK 107: The Difference Between Decimal.ToString(“C”) and Decimal.ToString(“C2”)

SYSK 108: What is XPS?

SYSK 109: Is it possible to change the ForeColor of a SubItem in a ListView?

SYSK 110: Two-Key Dictionary Class

SYSK 111: RoundUp and RoundDown in .NET with Decimal Digits

SYSK 112: How to Invoke a Method on the Parent Web Form From a Control

SYSK 113: System.Convert.ChangeType Undercover

SYSK 114: String Interning

SYSK 115: Do You Know When and How to Use TypeForwardedTo Attribute?

SYSK 116: Which Code is Faster and Why – Using ‘As’ or ‘Is’ + cast?

SYSK 117: Are You Using Eval or Bind for your ASPX Data Binding?

SYSK 118: ReadOnly or ContentEditable?

SYSK 119: Granular Role Based Security via an Attribute

SYSK 120: When == is not same as Equals

SYSK 121: When it’s Not Only Acceptable, but Recommended to Check into Source Control Your .user File

SYSK 122: Clone a WinForms Control with all its Properties

SYSK 123: Expand Your Horizon – Learn About How BitTorrent Works

SYSK 124: IDENT_CURRENT Without an Identity Column

SYSK 125: Custom Controls in ToolBox

SYSK 126: Protect Yourself – Use ‘deployment retail’ Setting

SYSK 127: ResetBindings To the Rescue!

SYSK 128: Unexpected Behavior in NumericUpDown Control

SYSK 129: A Tool Every ASP.NET Developer Should Know

SYSK 130: The Sexy Side of Internationalization in ASP.NET

SYSK 131: SQL: String to Bit Conversion

SYSK 132: Loop Performance Comparison -- foreach vs. for

SYSK 133: Oh, the Mighty OUTPUT Clause!

SYSK 134: Intellisense for SQL Server

SYSK 135: Hot Key for Windows XP System Properties Dialog

SYSK 136: INSERT SHRED(DelimitedString) INTO TABLE MyTable

SYSK 137: A Quick Way to Get to System Information Dialog

SYSK 138: Still Using text, ntext, and image data types? Then this post is for you…

SYSK 139: Multiple Environments Support by a ClickOnce Application

SYSK 140: Ranking Functions in SQL 2005

SYSK 141: RTFEditor Control

SYSK 142: Method Inlining

SYSK 143: Async Invocation of Stored Procs from SQL

SYSK 144: A Faster Way to Get a Total Number of Rows in a Table

SYSK 145: Preventing Configuration Setting Inheritance in Web Apps

SYSK 146: SMTP – More Configuration, Less Code

SYSK 147: On the Importance of Script Closing Tags

SYSK 148: Format My Code, Please!

SYSK 149: Performance Analysis of the ‘yield return’ Statement

SYSK 150: RTF2PlainText

SYSK 151: New in SQL 2005 – DAC (dedicated administrator connection)

SYSK 152: Comparison of DoEvents, Sleep and SpinWait

SYSK 153: Leveraging XQuery in SQL Server

SYSK 154: Adding Existing Classes to a Class Diagram

SYSK 155: Don’t Know Much About GAX? Then read on…

SYSK 156: For Smart Client Developers…

SYSK 157: Conditional Methods

SYSK 158: IComparable<T> vs. IEquatable<T>

SYSK 159: How to Clear ClickOnce Application Cache

SYSK 160: Implementing Session Expiration Concept in WinForms

SYSK 161: SQL – the Pros and Cons of Updating Statistics Asynchronously

SYSK 162: P/Invoke Required. Or Is It?

SYSK 163: New Way to Reduce the Number of Unhandled Exceptions

SYSK 164: ASP.NET ProfileModule Undercover

SYSK 165: Are You Encrypting Your Stored Procedures?

SYSK 166: Stream Output Performance Comparison

SYSK 167: “A program is trying to access your Address Book…”

SYSK 168: Why Developers Should Know About Memory Bandwidth?

SYSK 169: Quick Access to SPS 2007 Mobile View

SYSK 170: Under the Hood of SQL System Objects

SYSK 171: MSDE Will Not Be Supported on Vista

SYSK 172: C# 3.0 is Not Part of .NET 3.0

SYSK 174: What Does Stand-By Mode Have To Do With Display Device Driver?

SYSK 173: Rediscovering the Immediate WindowSYSK 175: Border for a <TR> Element Without a ColSpan or a Div

SYSK 176: Recycling Only One Application Pool

SYSK 177: Formatting Numeric Data with Comma and Decimal Separators in SQL

SYSK 178: A Simple Way to Improve Performance of a Secure Web Site

SYSK 179: MSMQ Roadmap

SYSK 180: Different Accessor Accessibility

SYSK 181: What Is a Greynet?

SYSK 182: SQL -- Are We There Yet?

SYSK 183: Variable Number of Parameters – the Right and the Wrong Way

SYSK 184: What Is CardSpace? The Reader’s Digest Version…

SYSK 185: CSS as a Replacement of Tables? Yes!

SYSK 186: CSS as a Replacement of Tables? Yes! … part 2

SYSK 187: The New Way to Get Configuration Settings

SYSK 188: Understanding AspNetHostingPermission…

SYSK 189: The Footprint of SQL Everywhere

SYSK 190: Desktop View at Your Fingertips

SYSK 191: Is Your Public Web Site P3P Compliant?

SYSK 192: Compact Policies

SYSK 193: Uncommon HTTP Verbs

SYSK 194: “X-Ray Vision” of HTTP Traffic

SYSK 195: Speeding Up Index Creation

SYSK 196: Is there a performance hit and CPU spike when concatenating literal strings?

SYSK 197: Smart Start and Stop Service in VS.NET Build

SYSK 198: What is CodePlex?

SYSK 199: A Quick Way To Lock Your Computer

SYSK 200: How To Detect and Remove No Longer Valid Windows Logins From SQL Server

SYSK 201: Using Linked Server? Possible bug discovered…

SYSK 202: Shining a Light into the Mystery of the Boot Process

SYSK 203: Mind That Label Length in SQL Reporting Services

SYSK 204: Windows Vista Resources

SYSK 205: Profiling Tool for .NET Developers

SYSK 206: Aliases in SQL Server

SYSK 207: Delete Recycle Bin Icon from Your Desktop

SYSK 208: Slow Running SQL Queries? Here are possible reasons…

SYSK 209: What Is Groove 2007? And, Is Microsoft Competing with Itself?

SYSK 210: Cross-Process Synchronization

SYSK 211: Trace Only What You Want with TraceSource and SourceSwitch

SYSK 212: Does .NET Garbage Collector call Dispose? Dispose – Best Practices.

SYSK 213: Curious to Know How C# lock Keyword is Actually Implemented? Then read on…

SYSK 214: in cm mm pt px pc em… You guessed it – this post is about font sizes

SYSK 215: Testing the Limits of .NET 3.0 Workflow Foundation

SYSK 216: BizTalk Orchestration or Windows Workflow Foundation?

SYSK 217: Processing WebService Response using JSON

SYSK 218: Reclaim Space Immediately After Dropping a Column

SYSK 219: Solution for SQL Reporting Services Problem Described in SYSK 203

SYSK 220: Triggers and Bulk Insert of Data

SYSK 221: Combat Spyware -- Check Your Browser Settings

SYSK 222: CPU Impact of Animated GIFs

SYSK 223: The Power of Double-Not Operator

SYSK 224: Why Join Is Better Than Sleep

SYSK 225: Portals, Dashboards, Scorecards…

SYSK 226: Exception Handling in JavaScript

SYSK 227: Monthly Calendar control in ASP.NET

SYSK 228: Get Table Columns or Rows with Single Key Press

SYSK 229: AJAX.NET Update Panel or Web Service?

SYSK 230: Do You Need BizTalk To Load a CSV File?

SYSK 231: Is WinForms Dead? And What Presentation Technology (WinForms, WPF, XAML, WPF/E, AJAX ASP.NET, DirectX) Should You Use and When?

SYSK 232: Why Are There Four HTTP GET Requests Retrieving an AJAX Enabled Web Page?

SYSK 233: How to Decrypt an ASP.NET Encrypted Data

SYSK 234: WeekDiff = Number of Weeks (full + partial) Between Two Dates

SYSK 235: Display .pdf Document Search Results Programmatically

SYSK 236: Using SQL Server Notification Services API Remotely

SYSK 237: What is my Object’s Memory Footprint?

SYSK 238: Vista… Six SKUs… Which One Is For Me and Which One Is For My Spouse?

SYSK 239: Header/ContentPlaceholder/Footer Without Hardcoding Header and Footer Height Size

SYSK 240: AJAX.NET – Resolution for Sys.ScriptLoadFailedException when Opening Login page

SYSK 241: Generate and Download Animated Progress Indicators for Free… Nothing to install!

SYSK 242: PDC? TechEd? What about MIX?

SYSK 243: Stopwatch Undercover

SYSK 244: Writing Multi-Processor and Multi-Core Aware Applications with #pragma Directives

SYSK 245: Are You Using the ‘media’ Attribute In Your CSS?

SYSK 246: User-Friendly URLs

SYSK 247: Generate BizTalk XSD from SQL Server Generated XML

SYSK 248: I’m an administrator!!! Why do I get User Account Controls prompts all the time in Vista?

SYSK 249: Choosing the Right Microsoft Integration Technology

SYSK 250: How To Start ASP.NET Development Server Without Visual Studio

SYSK 251: A Word about Forefront Client Security

SYSK 252: Running SQL statements at a desired time

SYSK 253: SQL: version, platform info and then some…

SYSK 254: How to make your Windows XP or 2000 run a bit faster

SYSK 255: BizSharp a.k.a. Biz # a.k.a. PPS a.k.a. Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007

SYSK 256: JavaScript: Embed or Separate? Pros & Cons of both scenarios.

SYSK 257: .NET way to analyze SQL data I/O performance

SYSK 258: dr[columnIndex] or dr[“ColumnName”]? The cost of field name lookup…

SYSK 259: Is ‘internal’ class modifier a sufficient level of protection?

SYSK 260: Custom Configuration Settings Just Like Ones Used in .NET Framework Classes

SYSK 261: Investigating Blocked Processes in SQL Server

SYSK 262: Lowest common denominator? No – interfaces offer a superior solution!

SYSK 263: .NET Stored Procs Do Not Execute in Parallel using MARS

SYSK 264: Restricting Item Types in Generic Collections

SYSK 265: Thought Provoking Statement About Design by Douglas Martin

SYSK 266: SOA Versioning Best Practices and on the Importance of Using Nullable Types and IExtensibleDataObject Interface in Data Contracts

SYSK 267: How to bypass YourGenericClass<T> where T : ValueType constraint restriction

SYSK 268: You Know Your Project Is Not Agile If…

SYSK 269: XBAP Introduction

SYSK 270: How to implement C++’s typedef in C#

SYSK 271: A Better (?) NameValueCollection Class

SYSK 272: Excellent 11 min video about WPF – what it is and how you can use it today in your applications!

SYSK 273: How to use the latest version of Visual Studio and build your project targeting earlier version of .NET framework

SYSK 274: How to Implement a Serializable Type with Read-Only Properties

SYSK 275: Pagination in SQL – Easy!

SYSK 276: Are These “Requirements” or “Desirements”?

SYSK 277: How-To Bring Back the TrustedInstaller

SYSK 278: How-To Use Windows Live Search on Your SharePoint Site

SYSK 279: What’s New in the World of Database Tuning?

SYSK 280: ControlChars in C# Without Using Microsoft.VisualBasic Assembly

SYSK 281: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): The Missing LinkButton

SYSK 282: How JSON is Making Your Code Cleaner

SYSK 283: Use Caution When Using ‘Short’ Data Type in Enumerated Types

SYSK 284: Calculating WeekOfYear in C# Using 1 Line of Code Without Referencing Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll

SYSK 285: Is JavaScript an Object Oriented Programming Language?

SYSK 286: What Does a Web Service Proxy Look Like on a Client Side?

SYSK 287: Custom C#/VB (CLR) Types Used in SQL Server

SYSK 288: Callbacks vs. Delegates Explained…

SYSK 289: Want to Have a Choice of Running an XBAP Application in a Standalone Mode Using the Same Project File?

SYSK 290: ASP.NET AJAX -- $get vs. $find

SYSK 291: SQL 2005 SP 2 is Available and Comes with Good News About Licensing Costs

SYSK 292: Assembly in GAC != Assembly in Add References .NET tab

SYSK 293: Business Rules – Easy, Flexible, Decoupled

SYSK 294: Surf Internet Anonymously

SYSK 295: Difference between password handling in SQL 2000 and SQL 2005

SYSK 296: MSI Inventory tool

SYSK 297: Condense JavaScript Code for Faster Download

SYSK 298: WPF: Control Whether a Grid’s Cell Is Editable in XAML

SYSK 299: WinForms controls and COM support – an interesting fact…

SYSK 300: Why TABLESAMPLE Is Not Returning Specified Number of Rows




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