:) What’s the difference between heat and temperature?

Answer:  Heat is the combined energy of all moving molecules.  Temperature is a measure of how fast the molecules are moving.


Source:  Biggest Ever Book of Questions & Answers (excellent, in my opinion, book for kids and adults)

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    The really cool (pun) thing is that the energy of a moving mass in Newtonian physics is Mass*Velocity^2 (MV^2). Einstein hypothesized a limit of velocity at the speed of light (denoted by C).  So the limit of the amount of energy of the sum of all the particles of mass, as the velocity approaches the speed of light, is MC^2.  This is the familiar equation E=MC^2.  This is the maximum energy that a given mass can have.

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    Heat is energy. Heat is the total of energy processed by the molecules in a piece of matter. This energy is both kinetic energy and potential energy

    Temperature is not energy. It is a number that relates to one type of energy possessed by the molecules of a substance. Temperature directly relates to the kinetic energy of the molecules. The molecules have another type of energy besides kinetic, however; they have potential energy, also. Temperature readings do not tell you anything directly about this potential energy.

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