SYSK 250: How To Start ASP.NET Development Server Without Visual Studio

Since the introduction of the file system based web projects, the developers life has been greatly improved…  That is unless you have to do a demo, or have other reasons why you don’t want to run Visual Studio in the background.  So, your options are: Convert it to an HTTP based web site and use…


SYSK 249: Choosing the Right Microsoft Integration Technology

SYSK 249:  Choosing the Right Microsoft Integration Technology There are a few good sources on this topic, including: 1.    “Choosing the Right Technology for Integrating Systems” presentation by Kris Horrocks, Sr. Technical Product Manager of Microsoft Application Platform 2.    “Microsoft IntegrationTechnologies” PowerPoint presentation presented  at BizTalk Deep Dive training seminar 3.    “Understanding MS Integration Technologies…


SYSK 247: Generate BizTalk XSD from SQL Server Generated XML

1.)    Use the “FOR XML AUTO, ELEMENTS” syntax. You can use joins for any relationships. For Example:                 SELECT * FROM Table1 ON LEFT OUTER JOIN Table2                                 ON Table1.pk_id = Table2.fk_id                 FOR XML AUTO, ELEMENTS   2.)    Copy and paste the resulting text into Notepad and save as an xml file.   3.)   …


SYSK 246: User-Friendly URLs

Did you know that .NET 2.0 and later versions support URL mapping?   Say you have a page with several tabs…  You can give virtual page name to each tab, but still have all the code implemented in one physical .aspx file.  Or, if you have a page that displays different views of some data,…


SYSK 245: Are You Using the ‘media’ Attribute In Your CSS?

Did you ever copy and paste some content from a web page into a Word document, just so you can remove the navigation column, or may be remove a header or footer before you print it?  I have…  many times…  And it’s all because those web sites do not take into consideration that presentation can…


SYSK 244: Writing Multi-Processor and Multi-Core Aware Applications with #pragma Directives

Imagine being able to create applications that leverage parallel processing capabilities of computers by simply adding a #pragma directive…    Before you get too excited, at this time, this is only available for Visual C++.  Yes, there are features C++ programmers have that C# or VB.NET don’t…  yet.   I believe the .NET concurrency team is…


SYSK 243: Stopwatch Undercover

The documentation about System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch class describes it as following: “[Stopwatch] provides a set of methods and properties that you can use to accurately measure elapsed time.”   I’ll be the first one to admit that I frequently took the DateTime.Now.Ticks shortcut when doing rough profiling just because I was too lazy to declare the QueryPerformanceFrequency…


SYSK 242: PDC? TechEd? What about MIX?

Ok, so, probably are not going to be able to go to every professional conference…  Which one should you choose?   My personal view, formed based on content from previous conferences (read: this is not an official Microsoft statement) is that the PDC’s (Professional Development Conference) target audience is pretty much the hardcore “doers”.  PDC …


SYSK 241: Generate and Download Animated Progress Indicators for Free… Nothing to install!

Here is all that it takes:  Navigate to Choose an indicator type from 27 available options (as of 11/12/2006) Type in the desired background color or click ‘Transparent’ checkbox Enter the foreground color Click on ‘Generate It’ button Click ‘Download It’ button