SYSK 219: Solution for SQL Reporting Services Problem Described in SYSK 203

In post, the following problem was described: if you have a SSRS report parameter that is multi-value and of one of the labels in the “available values” list exceeds 25 characters, the dropdown list with values for this parameter will be positioned in such a way that the end user won’t be able to see and thus select the first item. 


It came to my attention that there is a hotfix available that resolves this and some other issues.  For more information, visit

Comments (5)

  1. ed says:

    The support link goes to an Outlook Web Access loging page. Could you fix it when you get a chance?

  2. irenake says:

    Thanks for letting me know.  Fixed now.

  3. trmadol says:

    I always have terrible trouble with comment-related plugins that require me to put some line in the comment loop; I can never seem to find the right spot. Can anyone tell me where I should put the php line in my comments loop? I haven not modified anything much, and I would be very grateful. Thanks!

  4. tramdol says:

    Bonjour! What a super websight! Very refreshing to peruse from where we live in Paris (France). I eat frogs and drink wine. Woold like more informatons on this. Best regards! Mikael.

  5. Superb! (I wrote something else and then I read below that I aint supposed ter. So I deleted it.)

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