SYSK 190: Desktop View at Your Fingertips

What’s the fastest way to hide from the passing-by co-worker (or your boss) what you’re doing on the computer?  Let’s not get into discussion of why you might need that J  You could simply minimize the application…  But mouse-based navigation is too slow for such an urgent need!  Did you know that you can minimize all your windows via a shortcut, producing the same result as clicking the ‘Show Desktop’ icon on your taskbar?  It’s simple – just press the Windows Key + D on your keyboard, and you’ll see the desktop… Press same key combination again, and your applications are restored.  And, yes, I’m as frustrated as many of you that it doesn’t always preserve the windows order, so you may have to Alt+Tab it to the right application…


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  1. LiQ says:

    I’d like to supplement an alternative:

    Win + M hides all windows and shows the desktop

    Win + Shift + M restores them all in the correct order (works perfect for me, at least)

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