SYSK 134: Intellisense for SQL Server

Do you want Intellisense in SQL Server Management Studio, Query Analyzer and SQL queries in VS similar to Visual Studio?  Then check out this great product from Red Gate Software at!


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  1. theCoach says:

    Have you had success actually using this?

    I have it installed, and it feels awfully beta to me.

    It also hilights how clearly SQL was not designed with intellisense in mind (the order is backward).

    Which brings me to comment on LINQ – I have not done much at all with LINQ, but I have a vague understanding that VB is going to mimic SQL ordering, but that C# will reverse the order — Something like:

    Select customerID from Customers ‘ VB

    Select Customers.customerID ‘ C#

    I do not really have much of a point other than that the C# way seems much superior, and that the window for this particular tool seems awfully short.

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