SYSK 127: ResetBindings To the Rescue!

.NET 2.0 came with a lot of cool (new and improved) controls, one of them is the System.Windows.Forms.BindingNavigator and the BindingSource class.  The only problem I found so far with this control is that if in the Load event you bind it to a BindingSource with zero elements, and then try to add an object by clicking “Add New” icon, the controls on the form will not be refreshed with new data.


The solution I use is to call BindingSource.ResetBinding when the count = 1 (i.e. when it’s the first time we add an object after binding it to an empty list).

To see it for yourself, comment out


line in

private void bindingNavigatorAddNewItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

method and run the project (code attached).  Then click yellow plus icon to add new object. 


Now uncomment the ResentBinding call and run again – the app behaves as expected.

Comments (2)

  1. Oss says:

    Thanks for the article, and I’ve a question.

    How can I update the BindingSource from the DB?

  2. irenake says:

    I’m not quite clear on your question.

    Take a look at the code sample provided at

    If that is not what you were looking for, then please provide more information about what you’re trying to do.  Code sample/psuedo-code is always helpful.

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