SYSK 105: Switching Between Running ASP.NET Project Under IIS and Personal Web Server

As you know, in VS 2005 you can choose “File System” location option when creating an ASP.NET project.  Once selected, how do you switch to running your project as a “normal” IIS web site?  The solution is simple:

  1. Create a virtual directory in IIS (or, in Explorer, web share your folder)

  2. In VS, click Website menu, and choose ’Start Options…’  menu item.

  3. In the left hand side list, choose Start Options. 

  4. In the Server section, choose ‘Use custom server’ radio button and specify the URL of the VDIR you’ve created.  Don’t forget to specify a port if it’s other than port 80 (http://<ServerName>:<Port>/<VirtualDirectoryName>).


That’s all there is to it…


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