SYSK 62: Jim Allchin’s view of what Vista will offer the enterprise

Vista brings to the enterprise much more than just enhanced security.  Amongst many features I personally look forward too, are -- much better monitoring, new diagnostic tools and far fewer reboots.  Here are some others…

Vista will also introduce a new event log that has been totally revamped and which will give IT professionals well-organized views that can be aggregated together. 

You will be able to mark an event and run a task as soon as that event fires (finally, WMI for the masses!)

Windows SuperFetch will enhance the virtual memory system and optimize the system based on its user history.

Vista will allow memory to be automatically added to the system when a device like a USB flash memory extension is inserted.  And, the data will not be lost if the stick is removed! 

The 64-bit version of Windows Vista will only accept signed drivers, which will greatly improve stability and security.


Comments (3)

  1. christophep says:

    Signed drivers is the right way to follow.

    But why Vista 32-bit still accept non signed drivers ?

  2. irenake says:


    The only explanation I can think of (read: it’s nothing more than an educated guess) is that 64-bit OS requires a re-write of device drivers anyway, where is 32-bit drivers could be either used as-is or with very little work porting it over.  So, possibly, Microsoft just did not want to force all hardware vendors to have to re-write a ton of device drivers they have, and do it all at once.

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