SYSK 61: Creating Temporary (not persisted, a.k.a. in-memory) Projects in VS 2005

If you miss the old VB 6.0 (and prior) feature of being able to create a project and not save it to the disk (e.g. a short lived test project you plan to run once and then destroy), the read on…

In VS.NET it’s called Zero-Impact Projects, and it allows you to create projects without saving anything on disk.  To enable/disable Zero-Impact Projects (ZIPs), go to Tools – Options – Project and Solutions – General.  You’ll see the option “Save new projects when created.”   This option is checked by default; to enable ZIPs simply uncheck it.

Note:  this option does not apply to VC projects.


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  1. RGabo says:

    ..or use Snippet Compiler 😉

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