SYSK 49: Have You Heard about BitLocker™ Drive Encryption?

BitLocker™ Drive Encryption (BDE) provides stronger security on Windows Vista Systems even when the system is in unauthorized hands or is running a different or exploiting OS. BitLocker™ Drive Encryption ensures boot integrity by protecting the system from offline software-based attacks, protects data while the system is offline by encrypting data and system files including user data, system files, page file, hibernation file, and temporary files and eases equipment recycling. BitLocker™ Drive Encryption is designed to provide a transparent user experience that requires no interaction on a protected system.

More information about Bitlocker can be found at:

Comments (1)

  1. CCP says:

    Microsoft provides a backdoor for the government concerns.

    What good is security when the keys are held by those whom you buy the product from for others to use?

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