SYSK 47: OLEDB deja vu? A look into LINQ.

Remember the promise of OLEDB?  Regardless of where the data is stored – relational database, exchange, text file, etc – OLEDB can retrieve it using familiar, SQL like syntax…

Well, LINQ is the new technology that can query into any type of data – objects, relational data, xml – using SQL like syntax. 
For example:

string[] names = { "Burke", "Connor", "Frank",
                       "Everett", "Albert", "George",
                       "Harris", "David" };

IEnumerable<string> expr = from s in names
                               where s.Length == 5
                               orderby s
                               select s.ToUpper();

Care to guess the result?  The answer is at this URL:

If this got you interested, make sure to check out for info on LINQ and for sample code.

If you prefer a webcast, there is a 17 min demo available for download at (see 20060112VBasicASDemo.EXE file).

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