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If you’re anything like me, you love technology, but you feel that with all the other obligations, it’s getting harder and harder to stay up on all the cool staff coming out from Microsoft and the industry, in general.  You try to read magazines, visit web sites, listen to webcasts, attend seminars spending countless hours just to get to a few nuggets of really important information.  And you say to yourself, why can’t they just remove all the fluff and provide the essential information in a summary format?!!


Well, here it is: in this blog, I will try to do just that – provide a quick summary, just those golden nuggets of precious information I discovered listening to those webcasts, reading those articles, etc.  Of course, I will provide the source of the information, so you can follow-up on the topics that interest you most…  The topics cover a broad spectrum – everything that touches application development, and other cool stuff…


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