Be back Jan. 3, 2006

Folks, thanks to all of you who read my posts, and special thanks for those of you who make it a part of your daily routine.  I’m taking some time off for the holidays, but will be back Jan 3rd.  Look forward to receiving your comments and seeing your ratings of the posts. Happy Holidays!…


SYSK 31: Wondering what is vhost.exe, and why you need it? Then read on…

By default, when you build a Visual Studio 2005 project, you get two executables created, the “normal” one (your windows application) and then the one with vhost.exe appended to the end of your application name, e.g. WindowsApplication1.vhost.exe. vhost is a hosting process used by Visual Studio (read: you should not run it directly) that improves…


SYSK 30: Differences between SET and SELECT in SQL Server

I came across a great post with same title by Narayana Vyas Kondreddi at  Great info, very well presented. Below are some key points from the article: 1.  SET is the ANSI standard way of assigning values to variables, and SELECT is not. 2.  You can use SELECT to assign values to more than…


SYSK 29: The Power of Ctrl+Shift+N

Did you know that Ctrl+Shift+N clears formatting of the selected text in Microsoft Word.  No more mousing over to the Style drop-down, and scrolling to the Clear Formatting option… a quick key-press does it!


SYSK 28: Do you know about ‘Anonymous Methods’? If not, read on…

Have you ever created a delegate that has just a couple of lines of code?  If yes, in .NET 2.0 you could’ve put that code right “in-line” as demonstrated below: class MyForm : Form{   ListBox listBox;   TextBox textBox;   Button addButton;    public MyForm() {      listBox = new ListBox(…);      textBox = new TextBox(…);      addButton = new…


SYSK 27: What you need to know about referenced assemblies in VS2005

Summary:  Visual Studio has a new property for assembly references – Specific Version.  When this property is set to True, Visual Studio 2005 will only build the client if it has access to the same version of the referenced assembly of when the reference was added; otherwise, it’ll result in a warning. Details:  By default,…


SYSK 26: Want to see DataGrid-like view of the contents of your DataSets right from within the debugger?

Visual Studio 2005 makes it a mouse-click away…  Just mouse over the DataSet variable in your code, wait for the IntelliSense tooltip to show up, and then expand it by clicking the little down arrow sign (not the + sign, which gives you functionality akin to Autos or Locals window). Reference:


SYSK 25: What happened to ObjectSpaces (object-relational mapping technology), and what is it, anyway?

For those who are not familiar with the term, ObjectSpaces refers to a technology representing an abstraction layer between business objects (strong typed classes) and a relational database, which instantiates and populates custom objects from a relational database.  It works through XML metadata stored in a mappings file that is passed to the constructor of…


SYSK 24: ?? operator. Is it new to you?

Did you know that C# now has a new operator ?? ?   It has to do with the support for nullable data types.  A nullable type can contain a value, or it can be undefined. The ?? operator defines the default value to be returned when a nullable type is assigned to a non-nullable type….


SYSK 23: DropDownList with ToolTip that Automatically Shows Up as You Mouse-Over the Items in the Dropped Down List

Ever wished you had a freeware DropDownList control that, instead of having one hardcoded tool tip, changed the tool tip text as the user moves from item to item in the dropped down list?  Well, your wait is over.  I’m enclosing the code for such a control below.  Warning:  all disclaimers apply!  Also, it’s intended…