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Check out this limited-time offer on all Microsoft Expression Blend, Expression Web, and Expression Studio products.

With special pricing promotions available to help you move from Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition to Team System or to attach an MSDN subscription to your Visual Studio license, Microsoft is helping you be more competitive at a lower cost.

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Now available to XNA Creators Club Premium members only, Autodesk has released the Softimage Mod Tool Pro - a special version of the Mod Tool enabled for commercial production use for Xbox LIVE Community Games only. Download it now at our partner page. If you are not a premium member, sign up today on our membership page.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional enables developers to create outstanding user experiences and break through productivity challenges. Register to download the 90-day trial software with a guided evaluation experience, and receive access to technical resources specifically selected for developers to help guide you through the evaluation experience.

Solution Accelerators - available at no cost-can help you reduce your development cost and expand into new markets. Leverage automated tools, guides, and best practices to help you speed the migration process and deploy Microsoft Online Services.

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Designed to help you concentrate on what is new in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, this learning track helps you to upgrade your skills. By graduation, you will be skilled in the latest application development techniques and technologies.

If you're looking at evaluating the latest user experience technologies (Silverlight, WPF) and platforms (Vista, Internet Explorer 8), Front Runner for Innovate On: User Experience offers a set of technical benefits to help you through the process.

See how to apply control templates to multiple controls in WPF. You will see how templates can affect not only properties that deal with the appearance of the control, but also how templates can change events and behaviors of the control.

In this video we will create a timer user control and then site it on a WPF window. Along the way, we'll mention some common problems to beware.

This video shows how to create and apply reusable styles in WPF. We will create styles in the control, in a resource section elsewhere in the window markup, and in the app.xaml file. We will show how styles cascade and can be overridden.

We give you tips and tricks for designing and building smart client applications with VSTO, which allows you to create managed code applications with .NET languages including Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C#.

In this on-demand webcast, we cover the enemies in the game, explain the way they are set up and handled, and describe how they are controlled by the simplest artificial intelligence (AI). We explore how inter-enemy collisions and responses work and show how the player bullets interact with the enemies.

Attend this on-demand webcast to learn about Xbox LIVE Community Games and how to join up with the XNA Creators Club to create and sell your own video game creations right on Xbox LIVE.

After completing this lab, you will be better able to build a simple workflow that sends an e-mail when a user adds a document to a document library, build a workflow that creates a task when a user adds a meeting request to a calendar, and modify a workflow to send the administrator a reminder e-mail if a period of time has passed without a resolution to the meeting request.

After completing this lab, you will be better able to demonstrate the capabilities and tools of Windows Communication Foundation.

This lab will serve as an introduction to creating Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services. It will also illustrate how a WCF service can easily be adopted to meet the ever-changing needs of service-based software by adapting the service we create to use REST.

Security for Developers

Anti-XSS v3 Beta includes performance improvements, localization enhancement, and a Security Runtime Engine (SRE) that uses an HTTP module to provide a level of protection against XSS for your application without the need to rebuild your code. CAT.NET (Code Analysis Tool) v1 CTP is a binary analysis tool that can be used to identify some common vulnerabilities that can lead to attack vectors such as XSS, SQL injection, and XPath injection in your code.


If you're a seasoned developer focused on the Microsoft platform, it's time to differentiate yourself from your peers. Now through February 14, 2009, qualified candidates receive a 30 percent discount (US$5,550) on the MCM program of their choice, including Microsoft SQL Server 2008. No other offers, including discounted beta training classes (50 percent discount), can be combined with this offer. See the full schedule of classes and register.

In this series you'll learn the fundamentals of the Azure Services Platform, how to build applications in the cloud, and how to leverage Microsoft's global infrastructure of servers and services. This series is geared towards .NET developers who are interested in getting an early look at what Azure is all about.

Find SQL Server 2008 Training Resources from Microsoft Learning
In this tough economy, you need to stay ahead of the game. Explore these Microsoft Learning resources to help you increase your SQL Server 2008 skills and earn the certifications to prove it.

Download chapters from three great books on Visual Studio 2008: Programming Microsoft LINQ, Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 2, 2nd Edition, and Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5.

Visit the Learning Portal to find all Microsoft Learning products that support Windows Server 2008. You'll find certification information, free Learning Snacks, and special offers on books, e-learning, classroom training, and more.

Case Studies

ISC's new approach to building software, using Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2008, helped the company's new interactive design group become profitable in only two months.

By moving to Visual Studio Team System 2008, development teams at LSI can create higher-quality builds more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and document the process to comply with strict guidelines.

By deploying SAP on the Microsoft Application Platform, including SQL Server 2005, Egypt's Bavarian Auto Group gained easy integration and enterprise-grade performance while enjoying lower total cost of ownership.

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Get a free copy of The Best of Simple Talk .NET, encompassing articles from a range of renowned authors.

Get ready for the Internet Explorer 8 wave with this free tool that automates meta-tagging for IE compatibility.

Deliver business applications without the steep learning curve. Use your existing .NET skills and development patterns with a visual designer, familiar WinForms, and ASP.NET controls.

Barcode Xpress is designed to support document capture, indexing, archiving, and process automation applications. Download a full-featured trial SDK.

Learn how to bridge the gap between relational and object designs (models), and increase your productivity using Telerik OpenAccess ORM.



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