Free Silverlight and Expression Training DVD

Last week at our Microsoft Ireland Launch event, I was handing out some fantastic DVDs to attendees.  They are brilliantly generic-looking, so there's no way to tell that the content included is actually brilliant.

The DVDs include training for Expression Web, Expression Design, Expression Blend, Expression Encoder, and Silverlight Essentials.  Each category has around 10-15 different learning modules, so the DVD can really take you from "My first Silverlight application" to "Creating Programmatic Animations" and other, more complex scenarios.  There are even modules for using 3D and WPF controls.

The videos are high quality and provided by the excellent  I've gone through a lot of the modules so far and have been really impressed. 


Why am I telling you this?

If you were at the event and wondering what's in this slightly-generic-looking DVD case, now you know.

If you were *not* at the event, you may be in luck!  I have 20 extra copies of the training DVD that did not find homes last week.  If you would like one of these DVDs and if you are a web developer or designer living in Ireland, please e-mail me at martharo [at]  The first 20 respondents will get the training materials at no cost to you.

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