Vagrant and Hyper-V Provides Managed DevOps Work Environments

MS Open Technologies Inc. (MS Open Tech) has released code for Vagrant that brings initial Hyper-V support to this very popular DevOps tool. Vagrant managed work environments can be controlled by a single, consistent workflow, to help you maximize the productivity and flexibility of your team. Alongside industry-standard provisioning tools such as shell scripts, Chef,…


Acceptance of Media Source Extensions as W3C Candidate Recommendation will accelerate adoption of dash.js

Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. welcomes the news that the Media Source Extensions (MSE) specification has moved to Candidate Recommendation (CR) at the W3C. Media Source Extensions allow JavaScript to manage media buffers directly. This is a critical step towards broad adoption of the dash.js project which provides cross-browser support for MPEG-DASH adaptive streaming video using…


New release – Tx (LINQ to Logs and Traces)

We are proud to announce the release of Tx (LINQ to Logs and Traces), an open source project to help with the debugging of software from logs/traces, and the building of real-time monitoring and alerting systems.   This tool is code that has been used within Microsoft, for example, by the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and…


MPEG-DASH Tutorial: Embedding an adaptive streaming video within your HTML5 application

Poor quality streaming video solutions resulted in an estimated $2.16 Billion of lost revenue in 2012 (according to the 2013 Conviva Viewer Experience Report). That’s a LOT of zeros! Since we at Microsoft Open technologies, Inc. (MS Open Tech) believe this is simply unacceptable, we’d like to share some ways in which developers can leverage open…


MS Open Tech releases Kinect Common Bridge, a simple open source way for infusing the magic of Kinect in creative development

Want to control your 3D model animation with your body, Minority Report style? We’ve got you covered. Today, Microsoft Open Technologies released the open source project Kinect Common Bridge for Kinect for Windows. To learn more about this release and access the project on GitHub, visit out post on our new blog:


MS Open Tech Open Sources Rx (Reactive Extensions) – a Cure for Asynchronous Data Streams in Cloud Programming

From: Erik Meijer, Architect, Microsoft Corp. Claudio Caldato, Lead Program Manager, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. Updated with a quote from Ferranti Computer Systems NV Updated: added quotes from Netflix and BlueMountain Capital Management If you are a developer that writes asynchronous code for composite applications in the cloud, you know what we are talking about,…