Happy Birthday XML!

XML was first published as a W3C Recommendation on 10 February 1998. I would have never dreamt, 15 years ago, that we would be so successful in our dream of exchanging information freely between different platforms and now across devices and clouds. For me, this has been the beginning of the Openness revolution.  I truly…


PHP and IE8 Web Slices

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) shipped with a new feature for web users called Web Slices. You can learn more about web slices here. Essentially it lets you add enhanced links to your favorite bar that allow you to preview snippets of content from websites that you frequently visit without having to open up the page….


PHP with Microsoft’s OGDI via ADO.NET and REST (OData)

My last post, Microsoft, Interoperability at XML-in-Practice 2009 mentioned a project  called Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI) which complements Data.gov by providing an SDK that allows you to easily access publicly available government data. It’s a pretty useful tool to quickly build applications on top of the datasets. I had a couple of questions on…


Microsoft, Interoperability at XML-in-Practice 2009

I have just returned from a busy two days in the Washington DC area for XML-in-Practice 2009. The event was held in the Arlington VA Hilton on September 30 and October 1. The conference’s purpose is to showcase real world applications and solutions that XML has enabled, enhanced and or made possible. The event was…