Android and Java Developers: MS Open Tech has a SignalR SDK for You!

Today, Microsoft Open Technologies is releasing a SignalR software development kit for Android/Java developers. This SDK, available to the open source community on GitHub will give Java and Android developers the opportunity to add real-time functionality to their Java and Android client apps. To learn more, read MS Open Tech’s post.


New resources for Android developers: getting started with Windows 8 development

As a developer, having your apps and services accessible on more devices is critical. As an experienced Android developer, you can now access lots of resources on how to develop for Windows, allowing you to reach a new range of devices for your apps and services. Tons of new articles for Android developers are now…


Windows Azure Mobile Service updates and added support for Android push notifications via Google Cloud Messaging

Listening to the developers’ feedback, the Windows Azure Mobile Services team is releasing new features and updates to make Mobile Services a more robust and flexible backend for mobile apps that scale. Contributing its expertise in bridging Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies, MS Open Tech built the new Android Notification Hubs SDK and updated the Android…


MS Open Tech develops the open source Android SDK for Windows Azure Mobile Services

Furthering the goal of bridging Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. developed the Android SDK for Windows Azure Mobile Services that is being announced today by Scott Guthrie on his blog. Windows Azure Mobile Services was created to make it easier for developers to build engaging and dynamic mobile apps that scale. By…


jQuery Mobile Open Source Framework Support for Windows Phone

Hello web and mobile developers! As you probably noticed, jQuery Mobile version 1.0 was announced this week. We are pleased to use this exciting occasion to reinforce our commitment to supporting popular open source mobile frameworks. Of the most recent activities, I want to highlight the work done to supporting PhoneGap by adding support for…


More guidance and tool for porting iPhone & Android apps to Windows Phone

[Cross-posted on the Windows Phone Developer Blog] Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” is just out of the door, smoothly going to users’ phones. So, if you or your friends haven’t started to look at Windows Phone, this is great timing. Today I’m excited to announce new guidance based on migration samples and a SQLite to SQL…


Being a polyglot developer II: learning Windows Phone from an Android perspective

As I wrote in this post “Being a polyglot developer: tools & guidance to help iPhone developers learn Windows Phone 7” about a few weeks ago, I think it is essential to be a “polyglot” developer. And although you might have a preferred language, opening your mind to others will bring considerable value to your…