Microsoft announces Apache Cordova integration in Visual Studio for Multi-Device Hybrid App development

Today at TechEd US, Microsoft announced the preview release of Visual Studio tooling support for Apache Cordova. This new capability is based on the open source project Apache Cordova, whereby developers can target Android, iOS, Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 from a single project using existing HTML5 and JavaScript skills and code to build apps that take advantage of the native capabilities of the device.

Read more on the MS Open Tech blog.

Comments (3)

  1. Winston says:

    Hi Olivier Bloch, this is a fantastic news for all Cordova developers. However, how to take advantages of this  Cordova integration e.g. debugging the running app on the existing Cordova or even Sencha Touch generated or direct projects? Like I use Sencha Touch to generate cordova project and after it how can I hook the Sencha Touch Project to the Cordova integration feature so I can use its amazing stuff on the Sencha Touch generated Cordova project. I am pretty sure this is a question for all other Sencha Touch and Cordova developers. I am looking forward to your reply. Cheers(please ignore the previous comment as I forgot to subscribe its follow-up comments via email, thank you)

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