Cocos2D-X on the highway to the Windows Store

Adalberto Foresti - Principal Program Manager - Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.
Olivier Bloch - Senior Technical Evangelist - Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

MS Open Tech has just published a code patch that introduces WinRT support in Cocos2D-X. This update will be welcome by those in the game development community who were looking forward to leveraging the wealth of capabilities offered by Cocos2D-X to write Windows Store games. It will be likewise welcome by publishers of existing Cocos2D-X based games on other platforms, who will find the effort of porting their code to a Windows Store app significantly reduced, thereby opening up new revenue opportunities for their previous work.

Cocos2D-X is an open source C++ game engine aiming at extending the reach of the popular Cocos2D game engine to other OS platforms beyond iPhone. Cocos2D-X is used by many mobile gaming creators, from hobbyists to major publishers like Zynga, Konami, Glu, Gamevil and KingSoft.

"Thanks to the big contribution from Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., Cocos2d-x v2.1.15 is now successfully ported to Windows RT. Developers who want to publish their games on the Windows Store to extend their reach to Windows devices can take action now. I'm so glad to see Microsoft is embracing open source communities in such a way 🙂" - Zhe Wang, founder of Cocos2d-x.

Here is a short demo of Cocos2D-X running on Windows 8.1.

While MS Open Tech is collaborating with the Cocos2D-X community to integrate the changes back into the Cocos2D-X master branch in GitHub, you can already access the WinRT-enabled code on GitHub. So try it out, and get a head start on publishing your next Cocos2D-X game on the Windows Store!

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  1. Chandan Thakur says:

    WinRT disappeared from cocos2d-x 3.x version. Any plans to support it?

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