Great video – MongoDB Data Analysis with Jaspersoft on Windows Azure

Jaspersoft is an open source Java-based Business Intelligence suite that has experience in the cloud – to date, they have over 500 customers running Cloud solutions. Jaspersoft has put together this great video of the JasperReports server visualizing a million rows of GitHub archive data to show how Windows Azure, NoSQL, and open source Java BI solutions can work together.

This video shows Jaspersoft accessing MongoDB via their native connector on Windows Azure. The Jaspersoft native connector provides near real-time connectivity, providing great performance for even complex visualizations, as you’ll see in this video:



Jaspersoft runs on both Linux and Windows, meaning it can also run on either the Windows or Linux platform on Windows Azure as well. Jaspersoft also has native connectors for several other data sources, including Microsoft SQL Server as well as a variety of other relational data platforms and formats, and Hadoop. Because Jaspersoft is written in Java, it can be a key part of any solution that you create using our other Windows Azure – enabled Java Tools as well.

Do you use Jaspersoft on Windows Azure, or have a Java solution running on Windows Azure that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll highlight your solution in a future post!

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