Windows Azure Service Bus Interoperable Implementation of OASIS AMQP Transitions to General Availability

 GENERAL AVAILABILITY: We are pleased to share the news that AMQP 1.0 support in Windows Azure Service Bus has transitioned from Preview to General Availability (GA).  AMQP 1.0 is a secure, reliable, and open binary protocol for business messaging.  The AMQP 1.0 specification was approved in the fall of 2012 as an OASIS Standard is being considered for forwarding ISO/IEC JTC1 to become an international standard.

COMMITMENT TO OPEN AMQP ECOSYSTEM: Microsoft Corp. and Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. (MS Open Tech) were active participants in the development of the core AMQP OASIS Standard and continue to play an active role in the OASIS AMQP and AMQP Bindings and Mappings Technical Committees. We are committed to continuing contributions to the work on global addressing, management, and AMQP over WebSockets, all focused on growing the open, interoperable ecosystem for AMQP.

TRY AMQP: We encourage you to try AMQP 1.0 with the Windows Azure Service Bus using .NET, Java Message Service (JMS), Python, PHP or C.

Thanks very much for reading and for more news on Azure, AMQP, and MS Open Tech, visit the Windows Azure Team Blog, Announcements, and the MS Open Tech Team Blog.

Brian Benz, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.
Rob Dolin, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

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