Hortonworks HDP — Open Source Apache Hadoop Distribution is Enterprise-ready

Generally Available on Linux, Windows Server and Windows Azure.

From: Gianugo Rabellino, Senior Director of Open Source Communities, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

Great news! Hortonworks’ HDP for Windows is now generally available on Windows and Linux.

Here’s what the Microsoft SQL Server team had to say about the GA release (The Beta was announced and released in March):

“HDP offers customers a 100 percent Open Source Apache Hadoop distribution that is Enterprise-ready and interoperable across Linux, Windows Server and Windows Azure. For more details visit the Hortonworks website.”

And here’s what Hortonworks had to say about the new release:

“Built and packaged by the core architects of Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks Data Platform includes all of the necessary components to refine and explore new data sources, and find new business insights. As an ecosystem-friendly platform, HDP extends existing investments in applications, tools and processes with Hadoop.”

Note that existing HDP for Windows users in Windows or Linux can migrate easily the Windows Azure-based HDInsight service when they’re ready to take advantage of the performance advantages and low operating costs of Hadoop on Windows Azure.

We at Microsoft Open Technologies are glad to see this bridge open for customers’ big data needs.

Congratulations to the Hortonworks and Microsoft teams on a job well done!

Comments (2)

  1. Mike says:

    Gianugo Rabellino,

    Thanks for the heads up on Hadoop.

    Since I don't know how to contact a member of the interoperability group other than this blog for suggestions (perhaps a uservoice channel), would you please bring to their notice that some circles need their help very badly ! 🙂

    For example, Vagrant (vagrantup.com) is a CLI based VM manager wrapper build in Ruby, most common in developers circle. It supports VirtualBox and VMware. Unfortunately, there is no support for Hyper-V github.com/…/1244. However, they provide an interface to implement any VM server software.

    Similarly, there is a very limited support for native/offline OCR and in general Computer Vision in Windows RT (WOA) and Windows Phone. The only option is either use FastCV (developer.qualcomm.com/…/tools-and-resources), thanks for Qualcomm to care about Windows RT, or use cloud-based services (as opposed to native support).

    Would be nice of you ask OSTC can help people:

    – Implementing Hyper-V support for Vagrant. At least someone with Hyper-V CLI knowledge join the discussion (github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/1244). We contacted IronRuby team, but the lead person has left Microsoft and the project is officially abandoned.

    – Convert Tesseract OSS project for Windows Phone and WOA.

    Thank you!

    Michael S.

  2. Doug Mahugh says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Mike! We'll take your suggestions into consideration in our planning.

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