New releases from the MS Open Tech Hub: Rx 2.1 and ActorFx V0.2

From the Rx and ActorFx team:
Claudio Caldato, Principal Program Manager Lead, MS Open Tech
Erik Meijer, Partner Architect, Microsoft Corp.
Brian Grunkemeyer, Senior Software Development Engineer, MS Open Tech Hub
Joe Hoag, Senior Software Development Engineer, MS Open Tech Hub

Today Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., is releasing updates to improve two cloud programming projects from our MS Open Tech Hub: Rx and ActorFx .

Reactive Extension (Rx) is a programming model that allows developers to use a common interface for writing applications that interact with diverse data sources, like stock quotes, Tweets, computer events, and Web service requests. Since Rx was open-sourced by MS Open Tech in November, 2012, it has become an important under-the-hood component of several high-availability multi-platform applications, including NetFlix and GitHub.

Rx 2.1 is available now via the Rx CodePlex project and includes support for Windows Phone 8, various bug fixes and contributions from the community.

ActorFx provides a non-prescriptive, language-independent model of dynamic distributed objects for highly available data structures and other logical entities via a standardized framework and infrastructure. ActorFx is based on the idea of the mathematical Actor Model, which was adapted by Microsoft’s Eric Meijer for cloud data management.

ActorFx V0.2 is available now at the CodePlex ActorFx project, originally open sourced in December 2012. The most significant new feature in our early prototype is Actor-to-Actor communication.

The Hub engineering program has been a great place to collaborate on these projects, as these assignments give us the agility and resources to work with the community. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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