Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java – September 2012 Preview

The Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java (by Microsoft Open Technologies) – September 2012 Preview has been released. This service update includes a number of additional bug fixes since the August 2012 Preview, as well as some feedback-driven usability enhancements in existing features:

  • Support for Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server as the development OS, resolving issues previously preventing the plugin from working properly on those operating systems
  • Improved support for specifying endpoint port ranges
  • Bug fixes related to file paths containing spaces
  • Role context menu improvements for faster access to role-specific configuration settings
  • Minor refinements in the “Publish to cloud” wizard and a number of additional bug fixes

You can learn more about the plugin on the Windows Azure Dev Center.

To learn how to install the plugin, go here.

Martin Sawicki
Principal Program Manager
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.
A subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation

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