Open Sourcing POSH-NPM, a set of Powershell scripts to enable tab-completion for NPM commands

Two weeks ago we released a .NET library for NPM, today we are releasing a small utility that will make easier for Windows developers to use NPM in Powershell.

Posh-npm is a set of Powershell scripts that enable tab completion on the Powershell console for all NPM commands. For instance by typing npm ins<tab> in Powershell will complete the command by listing all available commands that starts with ins.

The WebMatrix team is working on adding console support for node.js and will be using the posh-npm library to provide tab completion in WebMatrix as well.

Special thanks to Keith Dahlby’s posh-git project, it made our life much easier.

Claudio Caldato
Principal Program Manager
Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

Comments (5)

  1. Mike Chaliy says:

    hello, can you give permission to add to (…/How-to-add-your-module-to-the-directory )?

  2. Mike Chaliy says:

    Test, want to check if comments working, because my last two comments never appeared.

  3. @Mike Chaliy – sure, feel free to add the new module to your project.

  4. Mike Chaliy says:

    If anyone have psget installed, you can now install posh-npm like this:

    install-module posh-npm

  5. Great! Thanks Mike

    I'll add note to the readme file in the posh-npm repo.

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