Gigaspaces Working with MS Open Tech on Java Tools for Windows Azure

We’re pleased to announce that GigaSpaces Technologies Ltd, an established leader in helping enterprises move their Java applications to the cloud, has joined Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. and Persistent Systems Ltd. in the the development work behind the latest version of the Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java (by Microsoft Open Technologies) - June 2012 CTP.

GigaSpaces has contributed the “Publish to cloud”wizard to the plugin, enabling Java developers to easily deploy their projects to the Windows Azure cloud directly from within Eclipse, thus eliminating the need for manual uploads via the Windows Azure portal. GigaSpaces has also contributed other new capabilities for Java developers, including:

  • the ability to view the progress of the deployment in an Windows Azure Activity Log view in Eclipse
  • the ability to reconfigure remote desktop access as part of the deployment process
  • the ability to delete previously published deployments

You can read more about the latest plugin update here, and you can learn how to use the “Publish to cloud” feature here.

Known for its industry-leading scalable application platforms, GigaSpaces Technologies is the creator of Cloudify, an innovative Open PaaS stack solution that enables on-boarding of mission-critical and big-data applications to the cloud without any code or architectural changes. Cloudify's recipe-based approach provides the flexibility and control required to manage the deployment, scaling, management and high availability of all the tiers of your application. Hundreds of tier-1 organizations worldwide use GigaSpaces technology to enhance IT efficiency and performance, among which are Fortune Global 500 enterprises and ISVs, from many industries spanning financial services, e-commerce, Telco, healthcare, and more.

Thanks to the team at GigaSpaces for all they’ve done to help streamline and improve the Windows Azure development and deployment experience for Java developers! We look forward to continued collaboration with Gigaspaces in the future.

Martin Sawicki

Principal Program Manager

Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

A subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation

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