to help developers write cross-browser code, a new site to make building web games easier for developers using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, is now live!

Along with a new partnership with Bocoup, Microsoft announced @ JSConf the launch of this new site.

You can read the post from Justin Garret, Senior Product Manager in the IE team, announcing the partnership and the new site launch.

Over the next few months, the site will feature 50 tutorials ranging from the coding basics of games all the way to how to make money across a range of platforms.  Follow @buildnewgames or @IE for the latest.

Developers want to be able to write code that works reliably in all modern browsers, including ie10/9, Chrome and Firefox, along with mobile browsers, resulting in a complex test matrix and higher development costs. Through standards bodies leadership and practical learning, Microsoft wants to help Web developers have an easier time targeting various browsers at once, allowing them to concentrate on innovating and delivering an outstanding Web and gaming experience to final users. already features technical articles on Animation, Compositing, Graphics, Mobile, SVG, Sprites, Tools, WebSockets.

Developing games is becoming lots of fun again!

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