Beta of Windows Phone Toolkit for Amazon Web Services released

I am pleased to announce the beta release of the Windows Phone Toolkit for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Built by Microsoft as an open source project, this toolkit provides developers with a speed dial that lets them quickly connect and integrate Windows Phone applications with AWS (S3, SimpleDB, and SQS Cloud Services)

To create cloud-connected mobile applications, developers want to have choice and be able to reuse their assets and skills. For developers familiar with AWS, whether they’ve been developing for Android, iOS or any other technology, this toolkit will allow them to comfortably port their applications to the Windows Phone Platform.

Terry Wise, Director of Business Development for Amazon Web Services, welcomes the release of the Windows Phone Toolkit for Amazon Web Services to the Developer community.

“Our approach with AWS is to provide developers with choice and flexibility to build applications the way they want and give them unlimited storage, bandwidth and computing resources, while paying only for what they use. We welcome Windows Phone developers to the AWS community and look forward to providing customers with new ways to build and deploy Windows Phone applications,” he says.

Jean Paoli, General Manager of Interoperability Strategy at Microsoft, adds that Windows Phone was engineered from the get-go to be a Cloud-friendly phone.

“The release of the Windows Phone Toolkit for AWS Beta proves that Microsoft’s goal of building a Cloud-friendly phone is true across vendor boundaries. It literally takes minutes to create a Cloud-ready application in C# with this toolkit. We look forward to this toolkit eventually resulting in many more great apps in the rapidly growing Windows Phone marketplace,” he said.

Developers can download the toolkit , along with the complete source code under the Apache license. A Getting Started guide can be found on the Windows Phone Interoperability Bridges site along with other resources.

And as always your feedback on how to improve this beta is welcome!

Comments (6)

  1. Hi,

    that's wonderful. I've taken your source code, tweeked it a little and generated a AWS sdk for the Windows Mobile 6 and CE.

    I'm testing it at the moment but it is available if anyone wants a copy.

  2. @infopete

    This is great. Maybe you could branch the GitHub project and share your findings and experience. I am sure we can learn from it and certainly incorporate your input into the WP toolkit.

    Keep us posted.

    – Olivier

  3. Babu says:

    This is great and the toolkit is just awesome. Got an opportunity to play around.Would post some more details sooner..

  4. Will says:

    This is great news. The possibilities are exciting.

  5. Shiva says:

    It is really nice and informative, it is useful for me. thank you

  6. duc manh says:

    It is great new

    Thanks so much

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