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I'm heading off to Paris this weekend to participate in the annual Open Source Think Tank and Open World Forum events held in that wonderful city next week.

I'm really looking forward to chatting with all those folk interested in this space, from enthusiasts to developers and end users.

I will be joined at these events by my colleague and Technical Ambassador Craig Kitterman, as well as by our local market interoperability program lead Alfonso Castro.

We will present technical sessions and participate in a number of panel discussions, ranging from what Open Source, Open Standards and Open Systems mean today to Open Source as an agent of change.

Our participation in these Paris events complements our existing broad engagement with OSS communities, and we look forward to meeting our friends from the PhP, Node.js, Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.communities as well as to making a lot of new ones.

You can read more about our participation in Paris here, and we look forward to meeting those of you lucky enough to be attending in person.

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  1. Dan Born says:

    Okay – you have a post and link to download Windows Media Player plug-in for Firefox, but is there a 32-bit version? I'm running Vista Home Premium 32bit. I am unable to view embedded videos on IE8, Firefox, or Google Chrome. (All the latest, as I thought it may have been a browser issue. Seems to be an OS issue. I have installed the latest Flash and Java players; what else can I do? Interestingly, I CAN view YouTube videos, IF – I use their Secure website. (I found that workaround looking for a cure to my current situation.)HELP PLEASE!

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